👥ITC Roles

ITC Role Before the Webinar/ Meeting

  1. Post webinar to the ITC calendar and provide training lead with webinar invitation and panelist links within 48 hours of receipt.

  2. Provide optional practice session prior to webinar to test hardware and answer any questions.

ITC Role During the Webinar/ Meeting

  1. Start the webinar and welcome participants.

  2. Present opening slides which inform participants how to use Zoom, interact with the presenters, test their audio, and how to complete the survey provided at the end of the webinar.

  3. Provide technical support including monitoring Q&A, monitoring the poll, helping training lead and participants with audio or video issues, record the webinar.

  4. Provide participants with survey link in the chat window near the close of the webinar.

ITC Role After the Webinar/ Meeting

  1. Post webinar recording and handouts to the ITC resource library within 24 hours after live airing.

  2. Participants will receive the survey link in an e-mail 24 hours after the live airing.

  3. Provide captions within 1 week of the live airing.

  4. Send attendee report and webinar recording within 24 hours after live airing to training lead showing registration and attendance information, questions and comments submitted during the webinar, and survey results.

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