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ITC Training/ Supports Offered

ITC provides content authors with an online (asynchronous) training on a popular content authoring platform, Articulate Rise. Click the link below to access the training, and always feel free to reach out to Sukha Worob (sworob@uidaho.edu) and cc: itc@uidaho.edu to ask questions and get ideas before starting your training development.

Authoring in Rise (online training)

Additionally, thousands of resources are available online to support you in learning to design effective and accessible online learning modules. You can begin with resources like:

ITC Responsibilities & Timelines

  • ITC will provide content authors with training to understand best practices in developing both effective and accessible online trainings.

  • ITC will work with content authors to design a timeframe that will allow you to develop a storyboard and the content needed for your online training in an efficient and time sensitive manner that works everyone.

  • ITC will provide ongoing assistance to content authors during the content development process, including audio checks, software lessons, video recommendations, etc. Because of this inherent back-and-forth contact, it is recommended that the online training development process begin 8 weeks before the training needs to be live publicly, and that there be a submission of draft materials at 4 weeks.

  • Once content is fully developed and provided to the ITC, the ITC requests at least 2 weeks to review materials and make necessary changes before publishing online.

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