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Your Role in Understanding Online Training Development

As you begin to design online trainings, perhaps the most important skill you can learn is how to author an accessible online training.

As with document accessibility, creating accessible online trainings is to ensure that individuals with disabilities (vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive) have the same access and interaction with the content as all others. To learn all aspects of accessibility can take several courses over several hours, however, a few basic principles will make every online training you create more accessible are below:

  1. First, the navigation of the training must be accessible via keyboard strokes and a screen reader.

  2. Second, all content included in the training (i.e., documents, videos, etc.) must also be accessible to screen readers.

  3. Third, all interactive elements added to the training (e.g., flip cards, timelines, quizzes, etc.) must be tested and verified first as being accessible with screen readers.

Content Author Responsibilities & Timelines

  • Contact the ITC 8 weeks before you need your online training to go live publicly.

  • Storyboard your project! It will save you time and will help you to design effective and accessible content in a shorter timeframe.

  • It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your e-learning course/module is accessible. However, the ITC is always willing to assist.

  • At 4 weeks before you need your training online, submit draft materials to the ITC for review regarding quality and accessibility.

  • Once your content is developed and submitted to the ITC, the ITC will need at least 2 weeks to review your materials – and possibly suggest/make changes to your material – before posting your training publicly.

  • Publish dates are subject to change and contingent on the (a) quality and (b) accessibility of the content provided. The more the content author checks-in with ITC during the development process (e.g., content, quiz, audio, activities), the higher the likelihood that the publish timelines will be met.

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