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Your Role & Timelines

Your first step is to create a syllabus for your PD offering. A sample syllabus is linked below.

Then, email the syllabus and PD credit request to the ITC. Please include the following details in your email:

  1. Do you need to offer PD credit through the UI?

  2. Do you need assistance in developing a corresponding online course for your credit offering?

  3. By when do you need the credit open and available for registration?

Please allow 24 hours for the ITC to respond to your initial request. The ITC will schedule a meeting with you to further discuss your PD credit needs. Then, your next step is to create and/or compile all of your course content to send to the ITC.


  1. Once your syllabus is finalized, allow 2 weeks to process through the UI before credit registration is available. b. Once your syllabus and course content are finalized, allow 3 weeks for the development of the online course.

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