👥ITC Roles

ITC Roles & Timelines

Upon receipt of the PD credit request email, the ITC will:

  1. Contact you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting to further discuss your PD credit offering.

  2. As applicable, submit course proposal with syllabus to UI for approval to offer for PD credit.

  3. Design online course shell with provided content for your initial review. 14

  4. Continue to work with you to test, edit, and finalize the online course format and content.

  5. Launch online course and manage user enrollment.

  6. Develop grading timeline and process for submitting final grades to UI.


  1. Once your syllabus is finalized, allow 2 weeks to process through the UI before credit registration is available.

  2. Once your syllabus and course content are finalized, allow 3 weeks for the development of the online course.

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